Portfolio - Barn Owls

There can be no bird more iconic to the Norfolk Landscape than the twilight hunting Barn Owl, always a joy to see and there can be nothing better than watching this silent hunter quietly quartering a patch of rough grassland on a long warm summers evening, the low warm setting sunlight illuminating its buff feathers as it unceasingly searches for its elusive prey.

This is a collection of Barn Owl images taken from various sites around North Norfolk, a stronghold of the Norfolk Barn Owl.

Over the Fields
Lazy Summer Hunting
Misty Flight of Tyto Alba
Silent Sunset Hunter
In Blue Sky
Before Dawn
Taking Off
Full Beak
Fast Food
Almost Macro Barn Owl
Golden Winter Hunter
Barn Owl in Fog
Silent Wings
Bokeh Owl
Golden Misty Owl
Silent Beauty
Dawn Flight
Summer Post
Daylight Flight
Waiting for the Night
Shadow Flyer
Tug of War
Tools of the Trade
Winter Owl
The Serene Hunter
Watching in the Mist
Sunrise Sentry
Hunt Successful
Post Owl
Spring Owl
Beauty Flight
Backlit Barnowl
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